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dayjahone 8th October 2008 07:26

GoDaddy SSL Certificates and ISPConfig
There are a lot of posts about this but none from the beginning, so I'm still really confused.

I bought an SSL certificate from godaddy. I enabled SSL on the website I want to be secure, gave godaddy the top portion of text, and they gave me two files:

1) gd_bundle.crt

...with the following instructions for installing the certificate:


Open the Apache ssl.conf file and add the following directives:
SSLCertificateFile /path to certificate file/your issued certificate
SSLCertificateKeyFile /path to key file/your key file
SSLCertificateChainFile /path to intermediate certificate/null
Save your ssl.conf file and restart Apache.

I basically ignored these instructions and uploaded the two files they gave me to the site's SSL directory.

I then added the following to the directives space on the website:


Am I missing something? It still fails when I try and restart apache.

Can it use the same IP address as everything else on the server?

PLEASE help. This is driving me nuts.

till 8th October 2008 09:49

1) Create a self signed certificate in ISPConfig.
2) Take the certificate request which is shown in the ispconfig interface then and let it sign by godaddy.
3) The certificate (crt) that you receive as result of the signung process has to be pasted into the certificate field in ispconfig and then select save certificate as action. Be aware that only a certificate will work ere the ecrtificate request has been generated by ISPConfig.
4) upload the intermediate file to the ssl directory of the website and add the line:

SSLCertificateChainFile /var/www/web#/ssl/gd_intermediate_bundle.crt

to the apache directives field. In the line you posted above there is a space missing after SSLCertificateChainFile.

dayjahone 8th October 2008 18:29

It seems to be working if I go to, but if I go to port 81 ( for ISPConfig and webmail) it uses the old certificate. I'd like it to use the certificate I purchased for the site.

falko 9th October 2008 19:07

The SSL cert for the ISPConfig interface is located in /root/ispconfig/httpd/ssl.

dayjahone 10th October 2008 01:31

Do I just copy the intermediate bundle and the cert. there? Then what? Do I need the cert. in both places? They are both the same domain.

dayjahone 11th October 2008 20:32

I guess I just need instructions on how to set up a certificate for the ISPConfig login and use the same certificate for other pages on that domain.

Grey 13th October 2008 11:21


in both places? They are both the same domain.
It doesn't matter that both are the same domain. They are running with two different apache instances (the one for the system on port 80 and ispconfig's own on port 81) and are therefore technically two different sites. The second one (ispconfig's own) doesn't yet know anything about a new certificate. Copy the cert to the location Falko gave in his post and modify /root/ispconfig/httpd/conf/httpd.conf accordingly.

bigger_travis 17th April 2009 20:23

thanks so much, i have been looking for a way to install a ssl i purchase with godaddy. im by no means a pro when it comes to programming, thats why i like your "Perfect" install tutorials. was inspired by them that i created my own tutorial to show people like me (beginners) how you can re-install godaddy ssl certificate into your ispconfig site.

tutorial is here: how to setup and install goddaddy ssl certificate with ispconfig


dpicella 29th April 2009 18:27

The easiest way to use GoDaddy SSL with ISPConfig
I discovered a much easier way to do this!!

1. Generate your self signed certificate the normal way using ISPConfig 2 or 3
2. Paste your certificate request in the GoDaddy website
3. When GoDaddy asks you what type of server you are using (i.e., apache, CPanel, Plesk, Etc.) select "Other" - this is the most important step!!!
4. When you get the certificate download from GoDaddy it will not have an intermediate file. You can simply past the certificate they sent you in the certificate box and you are ready to go. You do not have to add any Apache server directives and you do not have to alter any conf files!


obrienj619 6th October 2009 01:23

GoDaddy SSL Cert 256bit
I never actually found an article to install step by step GoDaddy SSL certs using 256bit encryption. I figured it out how to actually get an SSL cert working for a website located on my webserver running ISPConfig 2.2.33.

Please note the # symbols should represent your website number.

1. Create the SSL Cert using the ISPConfig Control Panel
2. SSH into ISPConfig Server
3. Move the 4 files created by ISPConfig Control Panel in the
/var/www/web#/ssl folder to a safe place in case you need to recover later.
4. Manually Generate the SSL Certs using OpenSSL
a. from the /var/www/web#/ssl folder type the following command:
openssl genrsa –des3 –out 2048
b. Create Your CSR to send to godaddy
openssl req –new –key –out
c. Rename your key file
d. Unencrypt your key file
openssl rsa –in –out
5. Send your CSR to Godaddy for signing
6. Once you get your signed CSR you can upload the certificates into
the ssl directory. You will typically get two files: and gd_bundle.crt
7. Open Your ISPConfig Control Panel and under the main screen and
add the apache directive:
SSLCertificateChainFile /var/www/web#/ssl/gd_bundle.crt
8. Restart Apache using your ISPConfig Control Panel
9. Test your SSL cert using the https protocol on your website:

Good Luck

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