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fosiul 25th September 2008 16:13

Ispconfig And Sendmail Config problem
2 Attachment(s)
I have attached 2 picture,
if i type any host name. suppose
host name : www
domain :
Ref: Picture1
then create the domain . which is fine. if i type form , i can see the webpage which is good.

but problem is: Sendmail configuration.
Now if i create an username ( Ref:picture2)
so it would be email address: and username : web12_test

so if any one from outside world, email me at , it should come to me,

but problme : in sendmail , address mapping, its writting like this : Address web12_test

Since addressmapping ( here its inserting www)
because of this www ,its unable to place email to proper inbox and even from outlook its unable to send email ( reason it will say, user does not exits)

Temporary solution i got is : i am deleting www from host name, then after saving , in address mapping it will write, ( instead of but every time , i am creating email , i need to go back and have to delete www host name, and also i need to edit Vhosts_ispconfig.conf and also have to add Serveraliases by myself which is www
I am sure its not the way i should do
what the solution of this problem ??

hope what i said does make sense

till 26th September 2008 09:59

You missed to add a co-domain with empty hostname field to the website

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