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na0lb 23rd September 2008 15:48

how to restore Ispconfig from backup db

I have had to reinstall after a hardware failure and need to know how to restore ispconfig DB from a backup DB made in ispconfig.


till 23rd September 2008 22:37

Do you have a backup of /etc/passwd, /etc/group and /etc/shadow?

na0lb 24th September 2008 08:48

no I do not, I went into Ispconfig and used the database backup button and it downloaded a file called ( sysdb.sql ). I have found no way of restoring ispconfig with this file.

I have now got everything set back up and will save those files for the future. what and how do I use them. I need some way of going to a fresh install and loading all settings websites emails etc without having to manually load them one by one.


till 24th September 2008 09:39

The sql dump does not include the passwords of the users. Without the files from /etc you can not restore the complete ispconfig setup.

Have a look at this thraed for detailed information which files and directories are needed:

na0lb 24th September 2008 09:51

I will take a look

Thank you

I am still very new to linux using Ubuntu I an very inpressed with it for server applications. Untill about 14 months ago I had never touched linux, I had been using NT4 and server 2003 and paying the Microsoft Tax. I still need lots of learning.


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