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_neS 18th September 2008 04:15

Hi Guys,

Can somebody please help me about this problem?
I am currently installing the ISPConfig now and there
is the error:

.setup2: line 888 ispconfig_tmp/php/bin/php: No such file or directory
ERROR: The PHP Binary coming with ISPConfig does not work properly
on your system!

You see i'm just new to linux and just currently following some of this
tutorial and come up to this kind of ERROR in installing ISPConfig.

I try to install it for more than 3 times and the error is still the same.

Is the ERROR comes in my system installation or it is in the ISPConfig
itself? I'm using a Debian>Ubuntu in my server.

Please help. Thanks.

Ben 18th September 2008 09:41

the problem occured some lines earlier, so it is helpfull to copy the errors that occured before when trying to compile php to help you with that.

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