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willieray25 16th September 2008 22:35

Email not working
Everything else is dialed in but I can't get the email working.

Fedora 8 followed the perfect server howto.

I can't even email from one account on the domain to another. Need to get this up and running asap. Appreciate any help team!

THanks in advance


Br8knitOFF 16th September 2008 23:03

What are you using to test? At what point does it fail? Is your server kicking back errors?

What does your mail.log report?


willieray25 16th September 2008 23:07

postfix/smtpd[19761]: warning:[]: SASL LOGIN authentication failed: authentication failure

lotsa this.

messages has similar errors with saslauthd getting a PAM error. I do have all the users setup in /etc/passwd though.
Any ideas?

Br8knitOFF 16th September 2008 23:18

Have you already tried this to confirm your sasl config is good:

Also- check this thread.


willieray25 16th September 2008 23:42


telnet localhost 25

ehlo localhost
250-SIZE 10240000
250 DSN

seems to check out compared to the howto...

willieray25 16th September 2008 23:47

wait there is something that might be choking it out. Not sure

ehlo localhost gives

but i'm trying to setup emails for
I have several domains on this one ip and i have installed a cacert on

any help?

Br8knitOFF 16th September 2008 23:52

Not exactly.

Did you actually try to authenticate a session via telnet localhost 25?

Try the telnet localhost at port 25, and go through to try to authenticate as in that link- line begins with:


If you can successfully authenticate there, I'd try another mail client.


willieray25 17th September 2008 00:05

using the perl script i was able to authenticate using `internal` names

web2_sales2 gives authentication success

but not with actual emails
or just


thanks again for your help!

Br8knitOFF 17th September 2008 00:44

Then you're good to go.

web2_sales2 is the user name that email account needs to use to authenticate...


willieray25 17th September 2008 00:54

I've sent emails to and and nothing appears in roundcube. i'm not receiving or sending email via the server.

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