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omry 9th September 2008 10:03

ISPConfig3 : glue record?
I have one server, and I am trying to setup something like this:

host name:
dns server

now, during a lookup for, will be needed, which in turn again require

I am not sure how this can work.
if I add to the dns server running on my server, how will it be resolved by someone?

I read something about glue records, but it's not clear to me which server should accept the glue record for -> ip-address.

can anyone shed some light on this? :)


till 9th September 2008 10:11

The glue record has to be added by the company where you bought the domain name and not in your own dns server.

omry 9th September 2008 10:17

Thanks Till,
it's not clear to me how that would work.

my domain is from goddaddy, and in the godaddy administration panel I can enter the host name for my dns servers, not the ip.

so, if I put there, how will anyone be able to resolve ?

falko 10th September 2008 18:09

I don't know the GoDaddy interface, so I think you will have to contact the GODaddy support.

Here's how it works for another registrar:

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