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bwragg 4th September 2008 11:49

user cron jobs

The new user cron jobs are a great new feature but I was just wondering what is allowed to go in the "Command:" input box. Is this any command.
e.g php somefile.php
du -h

If so, what is preventing someone just entering /sbin/shutdown?



falko 5th September 2008 13:06

This can be any command.

Make sure that /sbin/shutdown can be executed only by root!

bwragg 8th September 2008 02:40

Thanks falko. So any command can be run but its based on the user privileges.

So what privileges does ispconfig setup each user to have by default? How can I check this?


till 8th September 2008 11:40

ISPConfig does not setup any user priveliges, the users are normal system users and the priveliges are setup by the linux distribution that you use.

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