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falko 15th August 2005 13:14

Important: Unix line breaks
To all developers: go sure to save all files with Unix line breaks instead of Windows line breaks before you upload them to the svn repository!

sirrus 23rd November 2009 13:15

it's good to mention that... but wouldn't it be the best to use a svn post commit hook to translate it automatically?

till 27th November 2009 12:43

We did not had any problems with that in the past 2 or 3 years, so I dont think its nescessary.

vStone 4th March 2011 15:12

Using the svn property svn:eol-type native, this can be fixed easily.

@till: It is kind of a mess when I try to create patches against ispconfig3.sql (for example) which has windows line ends.

till 4th March 2011 15:21

Someone has uploaded the file with wrong line endings to svn to trunk. In the stable branch the file was correct. I've uploaded a correct version of the sql file now to trunk.

Please do not post ISPConfig 3 issues in the ispconfig 2 forum. ISPConfig 2 is a completely different software then ispconfig 3 and does not share any code with the ispconfig 2 project.

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