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mphayesuk 26th August 2008 16:05

General Security Question
Hi guys, I am looking into a dedicated server for my ispconfig system and have found one that will do all that I need however there are no firewalls protecting the system, so what I would like to know is if the setup guide for debian and then installing ispconfig would be enough security.

Is everything protected? mysql protected? ect...


till 26th August 2008 22:44

The setup is safe. Just enable the firewall in ISPCOnfig after you installed it and make sure that you install all updates from your linux distribution regularily.

Most ISPConfig servers are not behind a dedicated firewall.

mphayesuk 28th August 2008 17:23

Thats what I thought but better to check.


mphayesuk 1st September 2008 12:23

Just to make sure, what about denial of service attacks ect... is ispconfig protected against these types of attacks as well.

till 1st September 2008 12:54

ISPConfig does not provide services itself, it just configures services. If you want to protect your server against denial of service attacks, you should use a firewall and other security software to protect your server. Useful software to secure your server is e.g. fail2ban, monit and munin. You will find howtos for this software here on howtoforge.

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