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pg001 25th July 2008 03:00

The Perfect Server - CentOS 5.2 VMware Guest
I'm trying to follow the HowTo The Perfect Server - CentOS 5.2 making it as a virtual machine using VMWare. Here's the Specs of the Virtual Machine:

Allocated 20Gig harddisk space
Allocated 256 MB Memory
CentOS 5.2 installation DVD is an iso located in my server

I only get as far as the section where you choose your keyboard layout, because from that the setup is already different it looks like this already:

and when I click Next I get this error:

so I click Advance Storage Configuration and try to Add Drive

After that I get to this point and get stucked don't know what to do next...

Any help would greatly be appreciated. On the side note, I'm simply trying to install a base centos 5.2 server.

falko 25th July 2008 14:07

Fedora and Centos are having problems with SATA drives on VMware. Delete the SATA drives and add IDE drives instead. This will work.

pg001 25th July 2008 15:21

hi falko, thank you very much for the quick reply. I'm not using SATA though, I only have 2 HD's in an old Pentium III box. VMWare can only detect the HD where the hda partitions but could not detect hdb partitions...

falko 26th July 2008 12:32

My post didn't refer to your system's hard drives, but to the virtual hard drives for that vm. In the settings of the vm you can add and remove (virtual) hardware. Please remove the SATA drive and add an IDE drive for that vm.

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