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bdpf 14th July 2008 02:10

reconfigure screen resolution, debian or ubuntu
Installed both ubuntu 8.04 / debian 4.0.
Neither one let me set or reconfigure the screen resolution.
My monitor is an Orion 19" flat screen, model os-9f.
Video cards used:
SIS 630 integrated on mother board.
Rage 128 Pro, Ultra 32m AGP, p/n 1025-14030-00062.
Both run the monitor in 1024x768 or higher resolution in Win XP PRO.
On both Linux installs, did not get the xserver screen resolution, screen.

How can I reconfigure the screen resolution. i did try to use the configuration utility in Debian, with no luck, saving the new resolution settings.:confused:

What makes this more frustrating, is that Ubuntu 8.04 worked good at one time, with the higher resolutions.

This problem started after Ubuntu 8.04.1 / the last windows hotfix.
The hot fix caused problems with Zone Alarm firewall in Win XP Pro.

Also EX2Ifs_1_11 no longer worked, had to reinstall EX2Ifs_1_10c, which seems to work.

Any help will make my day better.

megles 14th July 2008 14:56

first check whether you have ATI drivers already installed,then go to the following link and try to follow the procedure-if u are on Debian.I had the same problem and it worked for me....made my Monday a better one!

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