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mspIggy 8th July 2008 19:01

no www access to anything but 1st site
not sure what is going on...

from what i can see...

i have everything setup properly...

i have added a first site, with 2 sub domains - i added these as seperate sites... - these 2 do not resolve...

i also added a second site www. site and this works

then i added another site to a different ip assignment on the machine - DNS has updated - but the site will not resolve

what am i doing wrong?

no sub domains...

no sites in other that primary ip

thank you

till 8th July 2008 19:09

It has nothing to do with the site in ISPConfig, if the dns does not resolve.

1) Double check that you setup dns correctly.
2) It takes up to 48 hours until cnages in DNS propagate, so you will have to wait some time.

mspIggy 8th July 2008 19:16

many thanks

dns is working on the server...

we know this to be true..

whois reflects change made last nite at godaddy --

generally these changes take effect in less than 4 hours for us...

i CANNOT even pull the site by the ip assignemt

this leads me to believe, that indeed perhaps there is a problem with the ISPConfig setup of something i simply do not understand...

i was just reviewing my setup,

i have my assigned ip's one per line everything appears to be in order...


till 8th July 2008 19:18


i CANNOT even pull the site by the ip assignemt
You never can access a ISPConfig site by IP, thats normal as ISPConfig uses namebased vhosts.

To test everything, run:

ping -c 3

the output must give you the same IP back then the IP that you selected for the site in ISPConfig. If not, check your dns settings again.

mspIggy 8th July 2008 19:21

till, i want to thank you for your help here...

i will make sure the ip's are 'active'

one thing however...


there is no way i can present this server with any such page...

i will have to serve the home site (first set up site) or a custom page on each ip assigned to the box...

i did make another post in regards to this - no answers yet - do you have any thoughts on how best to do this?

many thanks


till 8th July 2008 19:29

Edit the page in /var/www/sharedip/ and add a header redirect for example.

mspIggy 8th July 2008 19:48

$ ping -c 3
PING (removed) 56(84) bytes of data.

--- ping statistics ---
3 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 2000ms

ip assigenment appears to be just fine...



also what of the failing sub domains...

this is a seemingly simple site creation

parent site works

but when i try to ping sub domain...
ping -c 3
ping: unknown host

what am i doing wrong?

this is mission critical..

also i see in site add menu

button for

create DNS
and create DNS-MX

if we choose this DNS-MX i assume this is the mail name server record...

what will the nameserver be called by default?

i think i am beginning to see the reason for my failing nameserver record addition -- - there is one there by default as i have alsyas been checking this box... and it is putting in server name?

what is the proper way to add a working MX record for each site?

mspIggy 9th July 2008 00:54

i have solved the problems with on other than server ip...

being a complete rookie, i had no idea i had to add the ip record to the server files interfaces and hosts...

if anybody else winds up in a similar circumstance -- this will be help to you

sobdomains are still fialing however -- i will start a new thread for this...

many thanks

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