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diablorick 7th July 2008 21:46

ISPConfig on Multiple Servers
Sorry to sound stupid but I am very new to ISP Config in general and I need to use it on multiple servers so I am playing around with Beta3. I followed the instructions included with the file and was able to successfuly setup a single server. Now I would like to wipe that one and setup multiple servers but I am not sure which (apt-get) files should be installed on which machines. Here is what I am setting up.
each of these is it's own machine with it's own public IP. The ispconfig machine will only be used to logon to and control the other machines. I know I have to do the advanced install and set them to the main DB which will be installed on (ispconfig) machine but which files need to be on which machine.

Thanks very much, I am an IT manager for a large company and I know how frustrating noobs can be but a month ago i had never used linux and now I have 2 bind machines and 3 apache servers up and running just from reading and doing so I will try not to be too much of a burden.

diablorick 8th July 2008 16:11

You mean to tell me that not one person out here knows how to do this? 80 views and not 1 single reply.

trexen 8th July 2008 16:55

how many servers are you going to use?

diablorick 8th July 2008 17:00

10 for right now

trexen 8th July 2008 17:39

Check this out.
But i dont know if you can use it with ISPConfig 3.x

diablorick 8th July 2008 17:43

Thanks for the link but what I am actually looking for is the packages needed to run ISPConfig on each machine. I think I may have a solution, I am testing it right now but it will take some time.
Thank you

trexen 8th July 2008 17:45

I think you are looking for this:

good luck m8

diablorick 8th July 2008 18:02

Unfortunately, the "perfect setup" doesn't work with ISPConfig3. In ISPConfig2 they used several programs that are not yet compatable with ver3. since ver3 is a complete re-write (and only a Beta) it is set to work with a select few programs which do not include Bind or Sendmail as in previous versions. Also, the big thing, ver2 was not compatable with multiple servers like ver 3 is so the setup for ver2 only includes files needed to get 1 machine running with ALL services on that 1 machine. I know that certain services like mydns only need to go on the nameservers and postfix only needs to go on the mailservers, what I don't know is which packages are needed just to make ver3 run. This way, for example, I can install the minimum amount of pkgs and mydns on each nameserver, and the minimum amount of pkgs and postfix/courier on mailservers and control all of them from 1 instance of ISPConfig.
I hope that explains a little better what I am trying to do.

toomanycooks 2nd August 2008 11:27

Hi diablorick,

I'm very new to linux and would be interested to know your progress on this. I've got ISPConfig v2 up running on a couple of machines without problems but do like the idea of seperating out the various services across virtualised servers.

Updates appreciated.


jamesm 9th October 2009 20:46

ISPConfig 3 distributed on multiple servers
Hello, reading this thread it doesn't appear that there was an actual answer to this question. Can you have a single (or redundant) controlling ISPConfig server that can then administer multiple other servers ... for example:

ISPConfig - portal server

etc ... we're trying to build a scalable infrastructure with ISPConfig as the main cornerstone of the environment.

Is there a link or document anyone has or has seen that shows how to configure this?


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