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toyito 10th February 2006 18:14

Backup question....
Hi...just another question:

I make a BU daily from Tools/BackUp/ in ISPConfig, i download the .zip file to my pc, what i need to know is how use this BU in case my server dies.
I mean how can i get a new server up from this files.



till 10th February 2006 23:37

This backup contains only the database dump.

To restore a complete server you need also a backup of several config files in the /etc/ directory including /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and /etc/group, your web tree (/var/www or /home/www) and the mysql databases from the directory /var/lib/mysql/.

toyito 11th February 2006 05:44


Is there any way to automate the process for make backups of all that files...and.... is there any "how to" to use it??


till 11th February 2006 11:49

I recommend to make fully system backups. Please have a look here.

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