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jmroth 8th February 2006 13:12

reverse dns for ip with no web
Just a remark on reverse DNS.
We have a mail server on a separate IP. The IP is listed in ISPConfig's interface list but there is no web attached to it => no reverse DNS record is created then.
I have configured it manually in the zone file, and I also found out that just adding a

$GENERATE 1-255 $ PTR ip-netA-${0,3,d}
block will not help as it will generate SERVFAIL for the entire zone. When using the Generate-statement it seems you will have to manually exclude IPs that are already manually defined.
Just my 2c for today.

till 8th February 2006 16:26

You dont have to create a website for DNS records, just use the DNS-Manager for this. Even the ISP-Manager part uses the DNS-mamnager in the backend for creating the DNS Records.

jmroth 9th February 2006 08:59

hmm :-\
i was talking about *reverse* dns...
as far as i see there are no explicit options on how those entries are created

till 9th February 2006 10:26

I'am talking about reverse DNS too. The reverse zones where added automatically if ISPConfig is authoritive for a domain.

falko 9th February 2006 10:52

If you create a zone in the DNS Manager, then ISPConfig creates the reverse records automatically. Have a look at your named.conf and the files referenced from there.

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