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koi 9th June 2008 20:28

virtual users and domanins and fetchmail
Hi, I have followed your how to and all is working right.

Now the problem is that i need to retrieve mails from another mail server.

I have understand I need to use fetchmail, but from what i have understand about fetchmail (more or less nothing :) ) it put retrieved mail into existing users accounts.

So how to make fetchmail working with virtual domains/users?

Thanks in advance.

falko 10th June 2008 15:35

To be honest, I don't know if this works with virtual users...

koi 11th June 2008 16:04

Dear Falko, thanks for replying.

I have tryed, and it just works :)

Now the situation is:
I use Amavis and from what I have understand If some person sends me an email from the internet it will be received by Postfix on default port 25; If Postfix accepts the email it will be forwarded to amavis on TCP port 10024 (SMTP); then if amavis considers the mail ok it will send the mail back to Postfix on TCP port 10025.
Finally postfix delivers the email to the actual recipient.

Do I have to set/change something with antispam/antivirus, because now e-mails arrives from fetchmail and not "directly" to the mail server or all is ok?

Thanks in advance.

falko 12th June 2008 15:39

Everything should be ok as fetchmail passes the mails on to Postfix which then processes them as usual.

koi 12th June 2008 16:53

Like always, thanks!!!

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