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hmfireball 3rd June 2008 17:15

Schedule backups with ISPConfig?
ISPConfig allow to manually backup sites to a FTP server.
But is there a way to automate/schedule the backups and have them sent to a FTP server automatically ?

gjcomputer 3rd June 2008 21:53

i have been looking for this for a while now as well. i like the way the ispconfig web interface backs up everything into a zip file, and you can unzip everything and use what you need. good for migration, and moving servers. very interested in thsi as well :)

hmfireball 3rd June 2008 23:00

Yes I love the zip thing too!
There must be an easy way to automate the sending to a FTP server but I'm not enough expert in Linux to know about it. :)

falko 4th June 2008 20:30

Take a look at this tutorial:

hmfireball 5th June 2008 09:55

Thank you Falco but I would like to automate the sending of the backup files made by ISPConfig.

falko 6th June 2008 12:12

You can do this by creating a cron job.

hmfireball 6th June 2008 12:20

I'm not sure that it can work as I need to be sure that ISPConfig has finished to write the backup files before trying to send them to the FTP server.

Wouldn't it be better to include some code after the PHP script of ISPConfig that creates sites backups?
Do you know the location of this script and where I could append some code? I don't want to break the script and the comments are in German :)



falko 7th June 2008 12:21

It's the /root/ispconfig/scripts/shell/backup.php script. :)

gjcomputer 10th June 2008 07:31

hmm, gonna have to figure out how to add this as a cron job to run backup to an ftp server. thanks falko

till 10th June 2008 12:07

This script is not made to run backups on a FTP server. It might be easoier if you write a custom shell script that simply makes a tar.gz file of the /var/www directory (or the place were your webs are stored) and then copy the tar.gz file to the ftp server.

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