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namit 2nd February 2006 19:54

Impressive shell scripting
I am just doing a project in college and my lecturer is looking for some impressive shell scripting.

Has anyone got any ides or samples that i could use.

Was thinking of something like grabbing all users and sending them message using write. But not sure where to start.

falko 2nd February 2006 23:09

You could start here:
It's the bible for everyone that wants to do shell scripting. :)

namit 4th February 2006 03:07

any ideas on something

falko 4th February 2006 14:43


Originally Posted by namit
any ideas on something

How do you mean that? :confused:

namit 4th February 2006 14:45


Originally Posted by falko
How do you mean that? :confused:

any ideas for fance scripts?

just have to impress lecturer

falko 4th February 2006 15:36

What's a fance script?

namit 4th February 2006 15:50

well i was looking for either script to use write to send message to everyone that was online
some form of fork boom that would freez server for 2 - 3 min.
something else..

something that would impress my lecturer

falko 4th February 2006 20:34

There are lots of examples in :)
I'm sure you'll find something there that suits your needs (be sure to modify the script enough so that your lecturer is not going to recognize where you got the script from... ;) ).

sbovisjb1 25th March 2006 16:50

Heres a few

They helped me ALOT

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