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till 16th May 2008 15:06

ISPConfig 3 Developer documentation
This thread is meant as resource for ISPConfig 3 development information until we have some real development manual.

Here is a guide as first starting point for Interface development in ISPConfig 3:

The gitlab server of the ISPConfig project can be found here:

Hans 16th May 2008 16:19

If some Menu Items are selected, errors occur like:

Warning: Smarty error: unable to read resource: "content/development.isp-config-2.html" in /var/www/web23/web/en-sandbox-dynamic-site/libs/Smarty-2.6.18/libs/Smarty.class.php on line 1095

I think there's something wrong with the configuration, or is "no content yet" the reason?

The Bugs and feedback - link gives an Fehler 403 - Verboten! Error.
( )

till 16th May 2008 16:53


or is "no content yet" the reason?
Exactly :)

The docs site is work in progress, but i got several requests for ispconfig 3 developer documentation that I decided to publish the link to this document already here.

The bugtracker is now located under:

I will correct the link in the site.

pedro_morgan 19th May 2008 02:51

Cool stuff.

Need to start spending some time on this.

Also need to take out some dead pages in svn. notably isoconfig-2 as they wre/were placeholders. Maybe the pages whould be ther and link thru to website?

Can I suggest the creation of a "documentation" category in the flyspray (oil)?


Bobonov 27th June 2008 12:38

I wanted to add something in the bug tracker for ispconfig3.
I created an account but I have no right to add a bug.
Since I am doing intensive usage of ispconfig3 (I am a bit crazy and decided to use it on a production server, not totally crazy the server is not so important) is it possible to be able to open bugs directly without going trough the forum?

till 27th June 2008 12:42

We decided to activate accounts in the bugtracker only manually due to massive spam problems. Please send me a pm with your username and I activate it for posting bugs.

quentusrex 30th October 2008 01:09

Bobonov, I think I'm about to be in the same boat as you. I'm about to take ISPConfig 3 beta *.7 into production on a little used server.

All of this so I can help develop ISPConfig 3.

quentusrex 30th October 2008 13:38

Would it be possible to have a way for more people to edit developer documentation? Like in a wiki format? Even if that means manually approving accounts.

till 30th October 2008 14:04

We have or better had a wiki at but it had never really been used. There were several poeple that all wanted to provide documentation but at the end it stayed empty :(

I can send you a login if you like but it might be that I have to remove it again (as the alst 3 times) when it stays empty as poeple get confused if the go to a wiki with nearly no content.

quentusrex 30th October 2008 14:20


I'd like to get a login. So that I can atleast try to get some documentation ready.

On a side note, would you be willing to test out mediawiki as the wiki software? I realize this is just my preference, but I think it works better for formatting and user features.

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