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SamTzu 2nd May 2008 12:21

Chrooted SSH & ISPConfig

Does ISPConfig need pre-existing Chrooted SSH?
Does it create one?

falko 3rd May 2008 21:37

You must compile a new OpenSSH, as shown in chapter 2.1 on

The rest is done by ISPConfig.

SamTzu 3rd May 2008 22:27

ok. thx.
Has anyone tried this with the new Ubuntu 8.04 LTS?


falko 4th May 2008 18:56

Not yet, but I don't see any problem. :)

SamTzu 10th May 2008 15:30

After trying to configure the script stops at PAM headers check and saiz...

configure: error: PAM headers not found
What could cause this?
Do I need to recreate the SSH certs?

SamTzu 10th May 2008 21:46

My bad. Missing libs.
Ubuntu 8.04 LTS has libssl0.9.8 not .7 as in the howto.
Just replace the version and it should work.

SamTzu 11th May 2008 01:39

Ok. Installed SSH chroot without errors but it does not seem to work in my ISPConfig installation.
Should I have created the chroot environment under /home/chroot?
Or maybe /var/www?
I notice there is no /var/www/web1/etc dir.
Without etc dir there cant be passwd file with /./web1 user.
How do I get ISPConfig to include those when new user is created?

falko 11th May 2008 23:48

Did you set $go_info["server"]["ssh_chroot"] to 1 in /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/

SamTzu 12th May 2008 00:13

Nope. : ) thx 4 the tip.

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