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batescr 30th April 2008 17:10

Fail2ban Config Questions
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I am following this how-to to install fail2ban on debian ecth. but modified it to work on CentOS.

It is working:

[root@webserver action.d]# fail2ban-client status ssh
Status for the jail: ssh
|- filter
| |- Currently failed: 0
| `- Total failed: 11
`- action
|- Currently banned: 0
| `- IP list:
`- Total banned: 3

My question is that there appears to be some type of email configuration that if a user gets banned it sends an email to the attacker. I don't know if i have that working or how that is configured.

the file /etc/fail2ban/action.d/mail.conf

falko 1st May 2008 21:28

Looks ok, but you have actionstart and actionend twice in that file. Comment out one actionstart and one actionend directive.

batescr 1st May 2008 22:09

The two actionstart and actionend was due to me cutting and pasting. I only have one of each. How can i test that the emails are getting sent?

falko 2nd May 2008 16:23

You could try to break in to your server (but please use a dynamic IP address for this...).

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