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till 28th April 2008 15:41

ISPConfig Beta Released
The first Beta version of ISPconfig 3 is available for download. This release is
for testing only, it is not for production use.

ISPConfig 3 is a new Hosting Control Panel written from scratch. ISPConfig 3
is not a direct update for ISPConfig 2. DO not install it on a ISPConfig 2 server.

Features of ISPConfig 3 compared to ISPConfig 2

- Support for virtual mail users
- Support for virtual FTP Users
- Support for multiple Servers
- Support for splitting of services to multiple servers
(Database, web, FTP and DNS can be on different servers).


The software itself can be downloaded here:

ISPConfig Beta is also available as ready to run VMWare virtual
machine based on Debian Linux.

Download of the VMWare image: (approx. 520 MB)

When you run the vmware image the first time you will be asked to keep
or create a MAC address. Select "keep", otherwise the networking wont work.

The root password of the VM is set to "ispconfig", the IP address is and has to be reconfigured in /etc/network/interfaces
to meet your network requirements. The ISPconfig Interface login is:

User = admin
Password = admin.


- Added bruteforge protection into login
- Added reseller capabilities to all modules.
- Added a server module for clients and a mail plugin.
- Added a function to update all email addresses when a mail domain is changed.
- Added apache directives field.
- Added language file editor.

And many bugs have been fixed.

For a detailed cahngelog, please have a look at the SVN history with a SVN client of your choice:


Known Issues:

Please have a look at the bugtracker:

BUG Reporting

This is a Beta release and we invite everone to report bugs. Bugs can be either reported
in the ispconfig forum (preferaböe to this forum thread) or you sign up for a account
in the ISPConfig bugtracking system and sent a email to dev[at]ispconfig[dot]org with your
bugtracker username and and the request to activate your user. Due to massive SPAM problems
we had to dectivate the automatic activation of bugtracker accounts.

Supported Linux Distributions
- Debian Etch (4.0).
- Ubuntu 7.10

More Linux Distributions will be supported soon.


The installation instructions for ISPConfig on Debian and Ubuntu can be found
in the text files INSTALL_DEBIAN.txt and INSTALL_UBUNTU.txt which are inside
the ISPConfig- file.

edge 28th April 2008 16:27

I'm about to install an 'new' test server later this week, and WILL put this new beta on it.
I'll report back a.s.a.p.

Thank you for this beta!

Leszek 29th April 2008 02:16

This version seems very fast.
Here are some problems I had with it:

When I tried to export a language file I got an error:
"Warning: file_put_contents(/usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/temp/en.lng) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/admin/language_export.php on line 105".
A little lower was this:"Exported language file to: /temp/en.lng" but the file never got exported (to /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/temp/en.lng nor /tmp/en.lng)

Second thing I found was some missing icons for changing pages (themes/grey/images/btn_left.png and themes/grey/images/btn_right.png).

Some buttons (for example in DB Sync.) don't have titles.

When I try to delete a user,group,server,db sync.,user I see <tmpl_var_name='delete_confirmation'> instead of a real confirmation.

When adding a user in DB Sync. I can see his password while typing instead of "*".

When adding something (user,domain etc.) and switching to another tab without fully filling the form gives an error message,which isn't very obvious.

It would also be nice to make headers like CP Users,Groups,Servers,DB Sync.,Language Editor active so that users wouldn't have to click on Edit User,Edit Group etc. to see a list of users,groups etc.

till 29th April 2008 13:10

Thanks, I added the bugs and feature requests to the bugtracker.


This version seems very fast.
ISPConfig 3 uses Ajax.

Leszek 29th April 2008 14:04


Originally Posted by till
ISPConfig 3 uses Ajax.

You can tell.
The impression of this version is very positive.
Thanks for Your work.

ahoivik 29th April 2008 18:32

I have a question about its implementation. When Ispconfig 3 stable is released, will it be possible to upgrade from 2.x, or will a reinstall be necessary?

Im looking forward to the release, but not sure if I am up for a reinstall.

btw you guys are doing a great job, much appreciated!

Leszek 29th April 2008 18:45

till 29th April 2008 18:46


I have a question about its implementation. When Ispconfig 3 stable is released, will it be possible to upgrade from 2.x, or will a reinstall be necessary?
A reinstall will be nescessary as ISPConfig 3 has different system requirements.

ISPConfig 2
Postfix or Sendmail with system Users
Courier or Dovecot or several other pop3 and imap deamons with system users
proftpd or vsftpd with system users
Procmail as LDA

ISPConfig 3
MyDNS DNS Server
Postfix virtual Users
Courier Virtual Users
pureftpd with virtual Users
Maildrop as LDA

But there is no need to upgrade to ISPConfig 3 as the development of ISPConfig 2 will net be stopped with the release of ISPConfig 3 final.

Hans 29th April 2008 19:02

Hi Till,

Later this year i plan to setup a testserver as well.
I am a very satisfied ISPConfig 2 user and i hope we can make ISPConfig 3 even better! Thanks for your work so far.

Snowman 29th April 2008 22:00

only the bests
great improvement, totaly happy satisfied user :)
keep this great work, until stable release ..

ps : is it final count of words in web interface ? i want to start translation :)

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