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daashag 28th January 2006 00:31

Manually add users
First off. Nice howto guys. I have been searching all over the internet for howtos. These have to the easiest ones around. You can literaly cut and paste your way through it. Very Nice. I have completed a setup with using Ubuntu 5.10. Installed ISPconfig and everything is working great. Now my question is how do I manually add virtual doamains and mailusers so that I just have a functioning email server. I want to be able to create domains and users as if I had never installed ISPconfig.

Thanks in advance daashag

till 28th January 2006 00:43

If you have installed ISPConfig you should use this to add domains and mailusers.

If you want to configure everything manual, remove ISPConfig and edit the config files in /etc/postfix/ directory and use the useradd function for adding system users.

Its not a good idea to mix both approaches.

daashag 28th January 2006 02:14

Appreciate the quick reply. I have installed in test enviorment and and just want to try another install without ispconfig before I put into production. I don't think I was clear on what I want to do. Basically after doing a new install of the perfect setup. I want to be able to add domains and mailusers manually. Hence I still want to keep all the virutual hosting setup intack.


falko 28th January 2006 07:53

Have a look here:

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