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ahoivik 20th April 2008 04:01

Unable to receive mail on ISPConfig configured email addresses.
Unable to receive mail on ISPConfig configured email addresses.

Just installed ISPConfig 2.2.23, on CentOS 5.1. Everything seems to be working except for email. I created a mailbox "pkp [at ] codecritical [dot] net and can send from the mailbox using RoundCubeWebmail just fine. However when I try sending to it from my gmail, i receive the error


Recipient address rejected: User unknown in local recipient table
Just out of curiosity i try sending an email to web2_pkp [at] codecritical [dot] net. and receive the error:


<>: service unavailable. Command output:
    ==================== QUOTA:    0 INBOXSIZE: 0 Bouncing (inbox already

the mailbox has a 50mb limit. Can anyone help me out?

The server is on the dmz, and using the ISPConfig firewall.

Im getting this server setup so i can move it for colocation at work.

till 20th April 2008 11:42

You installed a maildir capable pop3 and imap server but missed to enable maildir in ispconfig. Please enamble the maildir checkbox in ISPConfig under management > server > settings on the mail tab.

ahoivik 21st April 2008 06:19

Thanks for the quick response, but I do have maildir enabled and am still receiving the error message.

till 21st April 2008 12:40

Please post the content of the .procmailrc file which is located in the home directory of the user.

ahoivik 21st April 2008 23:35



## INCLUDERC=/var/www/web2/user/web2_pkp/.quota.rc
## INCLUDERC=/var/www/web2/user/web2_pkp/.antivirus.rc
## INCLUDERC=/var/www/web2/user/web2_pkp/.local-rules.rc
## INCLUDERC=/var/www/web2/user/web2_pkp/.html-trap.rc
## INCLUDERC=/var/www/web2/user/web2_pkp/.spamassassin.rc
## INCLUDERC=/var/www/web2/user/web2_pkp/.autoresponder.rc

till 21st April 2008 23:36

Thats fine. Please try again to send a email to this account were you got the procmailrc from. Make sure that the quora value for the user and the website is > 0.

ahoivik 21st April 2008 23:50

Ok so it can receive messages if i send it to But when i send a message from the account, it says its from "".

In ISPconfig, the 'Site' that hosts this email is "", so it would make sense that the email would be, but when I send, again, it says it is a different address.

till 21st April 2008 23:56

The sender address of a email is set in the email client. Go to options in your mail client and change the sender email address to the address that you like.

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