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cobro 19th April 2008 03:46

i am having some problem ?
okey so i am brandnew to linux but i have manage to install fedora 8 and i am going to use it as dedicated server ok i installed fedora hehe but with the wrong install instructions i followed fedora_7_server but maby the are same as fedora_8_server setup ? yeah maby that might be the problem why this is not working for me but i can see test page in my browser but i have installed ispconfig but i am just not able to connect to it ? just says firefox can`t establish connection to server at

maby i have to setup fedora installation as the say in the right fedora setup number 8 :) and then every thing might work but one more question do i have to install ispconfig first before i configure my server or just at the end of server configuration ?

hope to see some answers

Thank you :)

till 19th April 2008 11:24

You will have to setup your server first by following the instructions of the perfect setup guide for fedora 8 and then install ISPConfig.

The instructions for fedora 8 are listed on the ispconfig documentation page:

and the direct link to the tutorial is:

cobro 19th April 2008 14:13

will try thank you very much

okey when i have done setting up the server do i put install_ispconfig in the html folder ? or out site the folder ? for security reasons ? on ispconfig web site they say only name it cd install_ispconfig ok and then just /setup ?

till 19th April 2008 20:25

Download ISPConfig to your /tmp directory, do not download it to any directory that is reachable via browser like the html directory.

cobro 20th April 2008 02:50

okey thank you..

cobro 21st April 2008 11:00

and just one more thing the dns ip in the instructions can i use them or do i have to set my static ip address there ? i only have 1 static ip can i have and on single static ip ?

till 21st April 2008 12:33

If your server is located in a datacenter with a static IP, you will have to use the static IP address. If your server is located behind a NAT router, then you will ahve to use a privet IP from within your network.

cobro 23rd April 2008 10:57

sorry :) can i use the same dns ip addresses as in the setup instructions ?

and one more problem im having i am stuck in login window witch is all black an it says server1 login: root and then in password i can`t put any letters in ? so i can`t login :(

aqua 24th April 2008 02:13

black screen? Is that your login console?

That is not the control panel to ISPconfig. You can fine the control panel at

The default user/pass is admin/admin. Change it when you login.

cobro 24th April 2008 16:01

this is what i see when i try to connect to ispconfig in firefox
Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

what can i do ? i have installed ispconfig in /tmp and i installed it in standart mode not expert mode anyone have had this issue ?

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