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the rob 26th January 2006 01:54

Looking for help...
I am a n00b to the world of Linux and I am looking for tutorials or lessons on line about the basics on Linux. Any hints, ideas, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The Rob

falko 26th January 2006 07:29

You could follow the tutorials on HowtoForge and start playing around with Linux.
You can find a lot of helpful links here:

sbovisjb1 25th March 2006 18:07

Sorry if this hurts
Well i was told this a while ago. Most people want to have linux like windows for them... that isnt going to happen. Linux is akin to windows as a motor bike is to a car. To make linux more like windows, you have to add 2 extra wheels... but it would never be a car... its linux. You must take the time to learn script programming or a least the basics. If you want windows with out all the mistakes or screw ups get Mac... but its not linux :)

brainz 18th May 2006 23:56

They tried that its called lindows hehe nowcalled linspire :rolleyes::cool:

brainz :p:cool:

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