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torres 7th April 2008 10:18

how to Remote squid proxy using PHP (GUI) via Internet
Hi all,,

i want to ask all of you about some source (links) or script (if you have worked this before) about php script to configure squid proxy server,, so that i can configure my squid without standing all the time at a console,,

and i want to make my own website (using php scripts) to configure my squid,, without using public website,,

please,, help me,,,

thanks before,,

falko 8th April 2008 10:35

You could use Webmin to configure Squid, but it's written in Perl, not PHP.

torres 14th June 2008 12:00

thanks for the information, but can i edit (see the sourcecode) the webmin when i've installed it?

falko 15th June 2008 14:28

Yes, if you know Perl. I'm not sure right now where it gets installed, I think this might differ from distribution to distribution...

torres 16th June 2008 07:22

Squid sources in Webmin
Now i've started to learn about perl, and installing webmin on my server. I used redhat 9 as my server. The problem is i want to edit the webmin so that i can use a program just configuring squid. I installed webmin-1.420-1.noarch.rpm, and i found the squid source code in directory /usr/libexec/webmin/squid.
But im afraid i can use those sources when webmin has been removed on my server, because i found directory /var/webmin, i can't view it, does it the system of webmin? and the configuration of squid sources are connected to it?
if it is right, what should i do? i had an assignment to make some project in linux, in a month i have to finished it.

wishnusakti 17th June 2008 13:02

I think webmin could be the apropriate tools for u

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