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wherestheph 8th March 2008 01:28

my problems with postfix dkim tutorial
I am trying to run domainkeys and dkim simulateously, but goddady seems to limit me to 512 characters in my TXT records. Is this goddaddy specific? If not, is there a way around this?

Also the supplied modified script at changes a line to say "daemon /usr/sbin/${prog} ${CMD_ARGS[$i]} -P $pidfile -x /etc/dkim-milter/dkim-milter.conf" However, when I start the service, it says "Starting DKIM milter (dkim-filter #0): dkim-filter: /etc/dkim-milter/dkim-milter.conf: fopen(): No such file or directory" and doing an ls on the file confirms that it doesn't exist. When should that file have been created?

Running the unmodified service script results in the following error: "Starting DKIM milter (dkim-filter #0): dkim-filter: initgroups(): Operation not permitted"

pheniks 8th March 2008 03:14

In the tutorial, it states that you should edit /etc/dkim-milter/dkim-milter

You have a choice:

A: Edit /etc/init.d/dkim-milter to read:

daemon /usr/sbin/${prog} ${CMD_ARGS[$i]} -P $pidfile -x /etc/dkim-milter/dkim-milter
B: Rename /etc/dkim-milter/dkim-milter to /etc/dkim-milter/dkim-milter.conf

mv /etc/dkim-milter/dkim-milter /etc/dkim-milter/dkim-milter.conf
Other than that, the length of TXT records does appear to be a godaddy issue. How to resolve it, I do not know other than to contact their customer support which is usually pretty good.

wherestheph 8th March 2008 03:51

I don't see any mention of "/etc/dkim-milter/dkim-milter" in the tutorial that I was looking at which was

Is that info in a different tutorial, or did you mean "/etc/sysconfig/dkim-milter"?

If I copy /etc/sysconfig/dkim-milter to /etc/dkim-milter/dkim-milter.conf, I get the following when I restart the dkim-milter service: "Starting DKIM milter (dkim-filter #0): dkim-filter: /etc/dkim-milter/dkim-milter.conf: error at line 23"

where line 23 is "USER="dkim-milt"

pheniks 8th March 2008 03:59

Well, I misread the file and location as /etc/dkim-milter/dkim-milter

But, you are correct, it is listed as /etc/sysconfig/dkim-milter in the tutorial

Now, we are in the same boat with the error in dkim-milter.conf file. I am getting the same thing, and it does not matter if I comment the line out, I keep getting errors.

topdog 8th March 2008 09:44

My bad :( the correct init file was overwritten by one that i am using for testing another configuration.

The correct file is not in place, please test now. Post back if you have any issues and we can get to the bottom of it.

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