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Cloud 29th February 2008 19:19

Apache reverse proxy with mod_proxy and 302 redirection
Hi all,

I'm setting up a reverse proxy using apache and mod_proxy to redirect from one server to another (from A to B for example)
But in server B it has a redirect method that redirect with 302 code to another server (C)
The result is when I go to site A, the reverse proxy give me to access B, but the 302 redirection lead me to C, and showing C on the address bar
Do you have an idea to make reverse proxy work with this kind of redirection?

I tried with mod_rewrite to change my URL, but it seems to not working

Any idea/suggest would be really appreciated

topdog 1st March 2008 10:16

Why do you need to chain 3 servers, can you not do it in a more efficient way ?

Cloud 1st March 2008 14:08

In my case, I have to do it with the 3 servers, and not to remove anything

topdog 1st March 2008 15:10

Instead of redirecting why dont you proxy from the second server as well.

Cloud 1st March 2008 15:24

In this case, it's a little bit complex

Server B is behind the firewall and just allow access from server A, all it can do is redirect to C after checking for policy, etc.... that's why I ask for a reverse proxy with 302 redirection

I still want to do it, not another solution

Do you have any idea to implement this kind of reverse proxy?

topdog 1st March 2008 15:28

But the question is if the content is on server C why cann't server B just request it from server C and send it to server A

Internet <---> ServerA <-----> ServerB <------> ServerC

Cloud 1st March 2008 15:55

I can't make any changes on server B, that's the biggest problem :(
All I can do is on server A with the reverse proxy

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