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Alam 16th February 2008 11:06

Postmaster Email Problem
Hello People

I have a minor problem with my emails in ISPConfig something I cant get my head around, I have 2 domains in ISPConfig, Domain1 has postmaster@domain1.tld address and abuse alias works fine even passes the DNS Test,

It is the Domain2 where I am having problems configured exactly same as domain1, I have a postmaster@domain2.tld and alias abuse configured now I can send and recv email no problem but when i do DNS test on the domain it tells me domain2.tld cannot recv email for postmaster and abuse.

Any help with on this will be really appreciated.

till 17th February 2008 14:56

Is the email address postmaster@domain2.tld listed in /etc/postfix/virtusertable? Are you really sure that the MX record for points to this server?

Alam 17th February 2008 23:35

Postmaster Email Problem
Hi Till

thank you very much for your reply I am 100% sure the email address for postmaster@domain2.tld is listed in /etc/postfix/virtusertable & I am 100% sure it is pointing to the right mail server.

falko 18th February 2008 15:17

Please run

dig mx domain2.tld
and make sure that it points to the right server.

Alam 18th February 2008 16:27

Postmaster Email Problem
First of all thank you for your interest & reply, I did that and it is pointing to the right mail server.

But saying that if I add a new domain into ISPConfig I have exactly same problem with newly added domain.

I have realized I cannot send email to postmaster@domain2.tld it bounces back. For help I am sending you the link which might give a clearer picture.

Alam 18th February 2008 21:54

Posmaster email problem
I have resolved the problem ..... Thanks to Till & falko who invested their time in reading my query.

sygram 18th February 2008 23:38

why not share the solution ? ;)

We might need it someday as well :)




Alam 19th February 2008 12:50

Postmaster Email Problem

Originally Posted by sygram
why not share the solution ? ;)

We might need it someday as well :)




Hi Leon
Thanks for taking interest.

I am more than happy to do that, it was nothing to do with ISPConfig or any other configuration related to postfix, the culprit was ASSP it was blocking (postmaster & abuse)emails to that particular domain, Hence in ASSP you need to list the domain in the local doamins file & you have to do that everytime you add a new domain to CP.

Hope that helps :)

sygram 19th February 2008 15:49

Hi Alam,

i appreciate your answer.

Although i do not get all bits, i am sure that i will find it useful in the future :)



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