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cpaun 13th February 2008 02:27

Instalation OK but can not poit any client website
I did install ISPConfig on new Ubuntu 7.10 withot major problems( thanks to HOWTO forge)
I did follow all the instruction from ISPConfig Documentation, create resealer, client sites but I can not browse the new client site?
In client site I did create hostname test1 , domain, the IP adress it is ( the ispconfig server ip adress and checked create DNS and DNS-MX. As well in codomain I have
Now if I open a browser and type eigher or I get the page can not be displayed.
Where I am wrong?

Other confusion on my head it is how to poit the DNS for the clients?
Lets say I get a ne client and I what to host his wensite on my ISPConfig server.
I create that client and site, but where the client have to pont his domain on his registry domain? The first DNS will be the ISPconfig server?

And the last thinks, I have in ISPConfig Management tab, in server settings a tab DNS. I have to ty Default Ns1 and Default NS2. What Ns it is that?

I really apreciate someone can help me.

till 13th February 2008 11:39

Most likely your ispconfig server is not the authoritive dns server for Please login to the interface of the dns server that is authoritive for, most likely it is the client interface of the provider were you registered and cxreate DNS A-Records for and that point to the IP address of your server.

cpaun 14th February 2008 02:07

Thank you Till for your fast answer,
But still I am confuse.
First question , the ispconfig machine will act as DNS server as well? Meaning that on the client register first Name server will be onfig name?
I will give my exact configuration.
I have ISPconfig installed on ubuntu7.10 on fix ip adress public.
The name of that is
Then I have a client setup on ISPConfig with domain
On the registrar for domain the first ns server it is wich are my ISPConfig server.
So, the authoritive dns server for it is my ISPConfig.
It is OK as is or I am totaly wrong?


till 14th February 2008 12:17

Have a look here for a detailed DNS tutorial:it should work with any other domain registry as well.

cpaun 14th February 2008 16:37

Thank you Till,
I will follow the procedur from your link roday and let you know the results.Just a question.I have to have 2 servers with ISPconfig?
Can I use my configuration: 1 ISPConfigwith 1 public I and other a linux ( NITIX ) with DNS entry Copy From Nameserver (NS) act as second DNS?

Thanks again

cpaun 15th February 2008 02:35

:D Till U are great...
I did follow the procedures from the link you send me and now I can see my domain on my ISPConfig server.
So I did install 2 servers, buy domain from GoDaddy and I'am in bussiness.
Now I just have to figure out what webmail it is the best from the client site and how can I use it.
I did create a resealer, client and site, but I can not login ( how ) on webmail to send and receve emails.
On I have a user
Please if you can get me a hint apreciate,

Thanks again.

till 15th February 2008 12:16

You need to create a email user in this site and use the login details for the email user to login to webmail.

cpaun 20th February 2008 02:21

Can not receive emails on new install

Originally Posted by till
You need to create a email user in this site and use the login details for the email user to login to webmail.

Thank you Till again,
I did create a test email acount on each domain.
Now I am able to login as domain user, I can send email but not receive.
The domain hosted on ( ispconfig server) it is ( user cpaun) and user mpaun)
I did checked if it is listed the ip on black list and seams to be OK
If I send email to i do not get that email back to the sender but also I do not get on my mailbox from voipk2.
It is any whay to check where stuck that emails ?

Thanks for your help

falko 20th February 2008 19:45

Please make sure that the MX record for your email domain is pointing to the correct server. You can check this with

dig mx
Also, did oyu enable Maildir in ISPConfig (Management > Server > Settings > Email)?

cpaun 21st February 2008 21:03

I test it and I get that error:

DiG 9.4.1-P1 <<>> mx
;; global options: printcmd
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

if I tri form same netwotk wit ispconfig server it is OK, but from other netwotk, from internet I get the page can not be displayed.

Can be because my second name server per that domain it is down?
I have fisrt name server ( first ispconfg server ) up and runing and second nameserver ( second ispcondig server ) down.
On domain regystry for iI have pointed to

Any ideea where I do thomething wrong?


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