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jokn 11th February 2008 17:20

Yet another Postfix smarthost question

This question might be the same as but I am as new to this as the poster above and I don't know if the answer applies to me.

Here is the problem (don't panic, the MS stuff is just background, not part of the question...): I have a customer with their own Exchange box, the box uses POP3 to get email from their company's ISP. What I wan't to do is use our "Perfectly setup Suse 10.2" to act as a smarthost for the branch office here since neither the ISP here nor the ISP at HQ is willing to provice a smarthost for them.

Should be easy enough, I thought earlier today, when I was using qMail at my previous employer I just added a new domain at the end of virtusertable and reloaded qMail. Things seem more complex in Postfix though and I can't find a good newbie guide to set this up.

In short, my customer have their own /29 network, they share the email domain with their parent company and they have no other way of sending mail to their collegues with the same @somecompany.tld since that needs to be done using a smarthost witch I don't know how to set up.... :confused:

Hope someone can shed some light, and bear in mind, I'm really new to this!



falko 12th February 2008 20:51

Take a look here:

jokn 14th February 2008 10:35

Hey Falko, thanks for the reply! Unfortunately the problem is worse than this.

What I need is to set up my Postfix server to relay mails from a customer who shares an email domain between two servers, their company headquarters has an ISP in Finland where the domain is housed, and the branch office here in Sweden has an Exchange server they want to use with the same domain. They use POP3 to get their email and DNS to send, this works fine to everyone in the world except for their collegues on the same email domain. This is because Exchange thinks it is authorative for the entire domain and doesn't send emails out via DNS when it thinks it is local delivery.

The solution is using a smarthost, and this is where my Postfix server comes in. The ISP for the branch office here in Sweden does not provide a smarthost since there is no limitation on port 25 and they simply say "set up your own server". I thought of using the finnish SMTP-server but that doesn't work either, when you telnet to, the server they use at the headquarters, you get a very strange response, it just doesn't seem to accept any commands sent to it... and it doesn't accept emails sent from the server here in Sweden.

In Sendmail and qMail which I've used in the past you simply add the domain you want to accept and relay for in a configuration file on the server and restart the mail daemon but things seem more complex in Postfix and I haven't been able to find a nice newbie guide to get it working.

Hope this clears up my question!


falko 15th February 2008 18:45

You might be able to do this with Postfix transports. Take a look at

man 5 transport

jokn 18th February 2008 10:53

That might be the solution, I'll try it out.



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