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till 7th February 2008 22:24

ISPConfig 2.2.20 Beta 1 available for testing
ISPConfig 2.2.20 Beta 1 is available for download.

This ISPConfig release adds support for ruby and updates spamassassin
to version 3.2.3. It contains many small enhancements and several minor
bugs were fixed.

Detailed Changelog

- Added: A global website statistics user can now be created under Management > Server > Settings > Options.
The old admin:stats login (when a website had no users) was disabled.
- Added: Added debugging messages to webalizer.php.
- Added: A second failsafe configure string in case that the first attempt to run configure for clamav fails.
- Added: "Keep Copy" check box to the "Forwarder" dialogue in the mailuser interface.
- Added: Support for ruby
- Added: open_basedir support to suPHP.
- Update: Updated SpamAssassin to 3.2.3
- Changed: Allow multiple A records for the SOA itself.
- Changed: The "dienst_port" field in the isp_firewall table from varchar(10) to varchar(11).
- Changed: Updated db.root.master and html-trap.rc.master.
- Changed: Set ServerSignature to Off and ServerTokens to Prod in ISPConfig's httpd.conf.
- Changed: New databases and database users will be created without underscores. (This doesn't affect existing databases.)
- Changed: Opened port 143 (IMAP2) in the firewall by default.
- Changed: Autoresponder doesn't respond to spam.
- Changed: Autoresponder does not reply to noreply@... addresses.
- Changed: Translated a German error message in the installer into English.
- Changed: Non-CGI files (such as images, CSS files, etc.) can now be placed in the cgi-bin directory as well.
- Bugfix: Fixed a bug in doctype 1027.
- Bugfix: Fix some error with special characters (rev. 865 in dev)
- Bugfix: Disabled userdir in ISPConfig's Apache.
- Bugfix: custom procmail recipes can now also be stored in /root/ispconfig/isp/conf/customized_templates.
- Bugfix: If the creation of a zone fails due to an invalid admin email address, clear all records from that zone from the database.
- Bugfix: Fixed SpamAssassin PATH problem on Mandriva.



Installation Instructions

Download the ISPConfig-2.2.20-beta1.tar.gz from

Installation on the shell as root user:

tar xvfz ISPConfig-2.2.20-beta1.tar.gz
cd install_ispconfig

The installer automatically detects the installed ISPConfig version and
performs an update.

Hans 8th February 2008 00:57

Thank you very much for this beta version!

I just downloaded and installed it on a server with Debian Etch.
It's up and running without any problems.

Within ISPConfig:
- the keep copy is working within the mailuser interface
- support for Ruby is available indeed

Can't find Management > Server > Settings > Options... don't have "Options" there....

If i've time this weekend, i will have a closer look.

falko 8th February 2008 13:37

The tab is named "Other" (Management > Server > Settings > Other), not "Options". I'm sorry for the confusion. :o

Hans 8th February 2008 14:01

Hi Falko!

Yes i can find it on the location you just mentioned it.
I think everything looks really nice then, but i am not able to test all, so it would be nice if others will give this beta version a try as well.

jnsc 8th February 2008 16:59

Hello everybody,

Thanks for this release. When I saw that your were making a new release I told myself that the long awaited modssl 2.8.31 for apache 1.3.41 will be released the day after the Beta. And once again I was right, It already happened with spamassassin, why can't they release just before us :-)

Ps: The tar.gz is not available yet but as usually distrowatch is incredibly fast by announcing new releases.

jnsc 8th February 2008 22:26

Is it really Updated SpamAssassin to 3.2.3, or is it a mistake? Because in svn it's 3.2.4

falko 9th February 2008 19:35

It's 3.2.4. :)

edge 9th February 2008 19:48

Sorry, but again I have no time and methods to test the beta.

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