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fide 7th February 2008 14:26

Full email mailuser login not working
Hello guys,
I have a strange issue with my ISPConfig mailuser login (https://mydomain:81/mailuser/).
If I try to login with a ispconfig login, like web9_user , I can login successfully ;
If I try to login with the same user full email address, like user@domain , I get an "unknown user" error.
Any idea?

Thank you very much

falko 8th February 2008 18:18

I think that's how it's supposed to be. I'm not sure if the login with an email address was enabled in one of the last ISPConfig versions. Which ISPConfig version do you use?

fide 8th February 2008 18:46

the latest one, 2.2.19.
I asked it since in the 2.2.18 changelog I read:
- Bugfix: Patched the mailuser login to support usernames with @ inside

falko 9th February 2008 19:45

I have to test this.

mccharlet 9th February 2008 20:00


When i want create en email with uername egale email

I have this error

Champ: Username
Der Username muss aus min. 4, max 32 Buchstaben oder Zahlen bestehen, wobei er mit einem Buchstaben beginnen muss.

I have ispconfig 2.2.19

falko 10th February 2008 18:42

There must not be any spaces in your username.

mccharlet 10th February 2008 19:53

there are no spaces in the username


till 10th February 2008 21:57

Please post the exact username that you tried to create.

mccharlet 10th February 2008 22:29

the username is test@mydomain.tld

falko 11th February 2008 17:18

An @ sign is not allowd in usernames.

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