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bswinnerton 30th January 2008 23:55

Mail doesn't work to people in same domain
For some reason I cannot mail people in my domain. Anyone outside of the domain works fine. I looked in the main.log


Jan 30 16:48:28 myserver postfix/pickup[7106]: D71701C851E: uid=33 from=<>
Jan 30 16:48:28 myserver postfix/cleanup[7146]: D71701C851E: message-id=<220d34c505dfb7cfb011f7187d574b74@localhost>
Jan 30 16:48:28 myserver postfix/qmgr[7107]: D71701C851E: from=<>, size=499, nrcpt=1 (queue active)

thats the only thing that looked odd. The other things on there besides that are logons and logouts

bswinnerton 31st January 2008 01:09

The mail that I try to send to someone in the same domain doesn't even show up in the mail.log

Ever heard of this?

bswinnerton 31st January 2008 03:11

I just noticed, I can't even email to myself.

-Nevermind, it just takes a little while to email myself. I still cannot email anyone on my server. However i can from something like gmail.

Hans 31st January 2008 18:10

That link results into an error 403. So i guess that's not correct.

bswinnerton 31st January 2008 18:11

Fixed the link..

Link removed for privacy reasons

Hans 31st January 2008 18:17

Did you enable the Maildir format within ISPConfig under Management > Server > Settings > Email ? What's within your Postfix configuration file /etc/postfix/ ?

bswinnerton 31st January 2008 18:22

Yes the maildir is checked there.

Here is my

Edited for privacy reasons

bswinnerton 31st January 2008 18:32

Here is another interesting log. This is under var/log/

What i did in this session is login as webmaster, send mail to a user and then logged out. This is the log of that:


Edited for privacy reasons

bswinnerton 31st January 2008 18:46

Okay, I realized one thing that I was doing wrong. I was changing the paths for the /etc/passwd for FTP which was causing me not to be able to login or send the mail, which make sense.

Okay so I reset all of those passwords that I had changed which has ISPConfig update the home directories for those users.

But i'm still having the problem that I can't send local mail! =(

bswinnerton 31st January 2008 18:50

Sorry to rack up this thread. But I fixed it.

All of the emails for my users were taken from an old ispconfig server and just dumped into the maildir directories which must have some file that wasn't allowing the emails to be sent. After creating a new user and trying to send a message to that user it worked. My next step is to re-create the users and then try to salvage their emails.

Thanks everyone for your help.

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