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zedstar 29th January 2008 11:55

ISPConfig DNS migration question

I have been running ISPConfig using two home servers fine. For DNS what I did was register one domain at to point to both name servers at my home eg. (box1: running ISPConfig) (box2: vanilla install running Bind)

I then was able to create DNS entries for all my other domains via ISPConfig on box1.

What I have done now is migrated to one root server at Hetzner. I created another IP address on the box under eth0:1 so that I can emulate 2 DNS servers and added the additional IP to ISPConfig. I then changed to so that and point to these 2 new IP's.

Things appear to have started changing but I notice the changes revert back to the old IP's. It has been 48 hours and I think there is an issue but I am not sure where.

Is there a problem with this setup using 2 IP's from the one box to provide ns1 and ns2?

Any pointers much appreciated!

falko 30th January 2008 15:58

Did you have to specify the IP addresses for ns1 and ns2 somewhere at (maybe in a glue record)? Maybe they still use the old values.

zedstar 31st January 2008 11:42

Thanks for the response.

I think I had to wait the full 3 days for things to settle down. I am used to domains changing quicker. In the meantime I realised that Network Solutions let you enter DNS information for your domains so that provided a quicker solution.

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