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akhalid 10th January 2006 17:37

Modifying PHP error
I tried to install sugar crm and it was not supported with the newest version of php installed on the system. In order to solve the problem I removed php and then reinstalled php based off a previous version. After restarting php will no longer load. Meaning if I go to a php based website I recieve a blank page and the html source is not complete. Please advise how to properly correct this issue.

Using latest version of ISPConfig.

falko 10th January 2006 18:23

Which distribution do you use?
Which PHP version was installed, and with which PHP version did you replace it?
What were the exact steps you did in order to replace PHP?

akhalid 10th January 2006 22:54

I installed fedora core 4 using the fedora core 4 perfect setup. The original php version was 5.05 and the one that reaplaced it was 5.04.

My cousin installed php 5.0.4 by source. 5.04 version was installed while 5.05 version was already present.

My cousin removed 5.04 using the rm command on the php directory

We then used apt-get to finish the uninstallation of 5.05.

To install 5.04 we then used yum.

Thanks for the help,

falko 10th January 2006 23:31

Is there anything in the Apache error log when you try to access a PHP file? Or any message when you try to restart Apache?

akhalid 10th January 2006 23:54

in the Apache Log the error reads:" an unkown filter was not added: PHP"

When I restarted httpd I recieved no error messages.


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