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dimitar 21st January 2008 16:56

merge 2 ispconfig servers in 1
Hi All,

soon i will have to merge 2 of my ISPconfig servers in 1 new server and i need some fresh thoughts, ideas from experienced ISPconfig gurus ;)


1st old server: Debian sarge 32bit, ISPconfig 2.3.1, php4 w/o suPHP
2nd old server: Debian etch 32bit, ISPconfig 2.2.18, php5 w/o suPHP

On each of the both old ISPconfig servers there are approximately 300 websites running. 99% of the usernames are different on the both servers - i have not used prefixes, but there are many groups with the same name on the servers...

The new server should look so: Debian etch 64bit, ISPconfig latest stable, php4+php5, suPHP enabled

What will be the best way to start merging the servers?

Any help is highly appreciated!!!

till 22nd January 2008 09:27

You can migrate the data from one of the two servers to the new server as described here:

For the second server, I fear that you will have to create the websites and users manually, as you can not merge two ISPConfig databases into one database as the promary IDs used for userID's and group names will collide.

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