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mwebb 6th January 2006 18:38

changing hostname is beening set to my address.

the hostname on my ispconfig computer is

why does the hostname have to be, if i want to host another site such as what would i do then ?
what if i wanted to host 100 sites ??

if the hostname does need to be changed.
what files need to be changed.

ps i know this question must be asked about 1000 times but i missed the answer.

till 6th January 2006 18:42

Why do you want to change the hostname for That?

1) Install ISPConfig.
2) Create a new client in ISPConfig.
3) Add as many websites with the hostnames / domains you want.

mwebb 6th January 2006 19:03

just seems to easy:
created a client called mikewebb
created a site called (checked on the create dns)
i have to wait a while for the ip to point to me, we'll see what happens.

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