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smartcall 7th January 2008 18:34

The requested document type does not exist

A client of mine whom I hepled install ISPConfig complained today that after a reboot of his server he gets the following error:

The requested document type does not exist

This is when trying to create a site, or edit a site. The sites are not accessible at all from the interface.
On the other hand the sites work.
The version is 2.2.18.

I can't think of anything, because I have a server with 1900+ sites and all works perfect.


till 8th January 2008 09:37

This error occurs e.g. when mysql was updated or the mysql database was converted from latin1 to utf8. Another possible reason is that the user used the formeditor and the form definition is broken now or the form definition has been deleted from the doctype database table.

smartcall 8th January 2008 10:07

Thanks, I will investigate.

smartcall 8th January 2008 14:32

Everything looks fine in the database. There is even a doctype_def for isp_web.
But if I go to the Form Editor the ISP - Web form is empty.

till 8th January 2008 14:40

Ok, the the isp_web doctype is correupted. One solution will be to replace the row for isp_web in the doctype table with a row from another working ispconfig installation or from the sql dump that is in the ispconfig installer. What might work too is if you download the latest ispconfig version and update the current installation.

smartcall 8th January 2008 14:56

An upgrade did the trick, thanks!

AlArenal 12th July 2008 15:05

I have the same problem here, although in German. ISPC's log says "12.07.2008 - 13:22:16 => DEBUG - Der angeforderte Dokumententyp existiert nicht" I upgraded the installation from 2.2.22 -> 2.2.24 but this had no effect.

I cannot access resellers, customers and webs :(

till 12th July 2008 15:06

Have you updated your mysql installation or changed the mysql configuration from latin-1 to utf8?

AlArenal 12th July 2008 15:13

The ISPC installation runs on a dedicated server for one single customer only. I haven't had to access it in quite a while. The box uses Debian Edge 64 Bit and is up-to-date. It may be, that in the meantime after ISPC 2.2.22 there has been a MySQL update but I can't tell for sure.

Other than via apt-get update/upgrade there haven't been any changes to the databases. Currently there is 5.0.32-Debian_7etch5-log running with utf-8. PHPMyAdmin shows the database 'ispconfig' is utf8_general_ci.

AlArenal 14th July 2008 12:07

Just today there's another MySQL update waiting for Debian Etch 64 Bit. I'm a bit reluctant to install it as I'm not sure whether it will have any negative side effects on my other ISPC installations as well....

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