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shajazzi 2nd January 2006 02:21

ispconfig and mambo
I installed suse 9.3 and ispconfig OK
Logged into ispconfig created reseller,client and new site.

Then i checked to see if the folder was created srv/www/
I then extracted Mambo V4[1].5. -stable tar gzto this folder.
i opened a Firefox browser and typed and I then get stuck with the following error.

The connection was refused when attempting to contact

I then tried again with this and recieved the following:

Object not found! :confused:

The requested URL was not found on this server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again
If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.
Error 404
Sun Jan 1 23:57:03 2006
Apache/2.0.53 (Linux/SUSE)

Virtual Server Configuration
Use the following form to add special port that you want to be opened for your special application

ID Port Port Port Map Host Private
(From) ~ (To) Type To IP Address Port

1 25 ~ 25 TCP ---> *
2 49 ~ 49 TCP ---> *
3 80 ~ 80 TCP ---> *
4 110 ~ 110 TCP ---> *
5 81 ~ 81 TCP ---> 81
6 80 ~ 80 TCP ---> *

I have forwarded the port in my rooter box but i am still getting errors.
Can anybody please help?
Thanks in advance


till 2nd January 2006 10:52

All webpages in ISPConfig have to be in the web subfolder. You must extract joomla to this directory:


falko 2nd January 2006 10:53

Is's DNS record pointing to the correct IP address?

shajazzi 2nd January 2006 11:32

Thanks for the speedy response falko and till,

When i extract mambo every thing gets duplicated and ends up in srv/www/ with the original extraction being srv/www/

I`ve checked the DNS record in ispconfig.

IP-Adresse ......... Hostname ........ www

Mailserver ........ Hostname ....... www


till 2nd January 2006 11:51

How did you download and extract joomla on your server?

shajazzi 2nd January 2006 12:11

I`ve put the zipped up folder on my desktop.
Right clicked on the folder.....Extract to.....Select folder Ark the tree i selected srv/www/
Clicked ok at the bottom of Ark.... this window closes and then i click ok on pop up window that is headed
Extract files from joomla_1.0.5-Stable-full_Package.t.


till 2nd January 2006 12:16

Ok, thats the problem. You must select:

srv/www/ as destination, not srv/www/

shajazzi 2nd January 2006 12:23

Ok thanks till i`ll try that.


shajazzi 2nd January 2006 12:49

Ok i`ve installed into srv/www/ after deleting from ispconfig and the recycle bins and the remade This time a folder called web3 was made so i checked srv/www/web3/web and joomla files are duplicated in here.
I then tried to get joomla installation page up........Nothing but errors.

I tried the following:

Any ideas would be appreciated.


shajazzi 3rd January 2006 10:17

Could my router box be causing the problem?
Is it that i am already running Windows xp server on the same router box?
Do i have to delete the settings from the router box for windows xp for ispconfig to work?

Has anybody got any suggestions?


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