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Rockdrala 31st December 2007 12:41

Changing to SSL for ISPconfig site.
I installed and selected http:// instead of https://

How do i switch back to the https://

and will this affect any of the hosted sites or the ip address there on.

edge 31st December 2007 13:23

This might help (you will need to do it in reverse)

Line one need to read:
1) Copy file httpd.conf_http from the Tarball to filefolder /root/ispconfig/httpd/conf

Rockdrala 1st January 2008 05:22

didnt work.
This does not work. I did it twice to be sure.

There must be a way to put the ISPconfig pages back on ssl.

Doing this does put the default page on ssl on a default certificate from localhost. but it doesnt make ispconfig accessible on https.

Its still accesible http:// and returns page cannot be found on https://

and even now certain modules arent accessible in ispconfig like server settings. Gives a page cannot be found in the control panel.

Rockdrala 1st January 2008 05:49

wtb link
Can someone link or post there SSL version of the so i can see what setting is missing here.

Apparently this is generated by the initial install so there must be some setting im missing for https

Rockdrala 1st January 2008 06:09

The reason im trying to to put it back as SLL
The CURL is calling for a SSL page at /remote/index.php

the CURL returns a SSL error when i try to uncomment the get resseller list in the test.php example.

Error: HTTP Error: cURL ERROR: 35: error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol
http_code: 0
header_size: 0
request_size: 0
filetime: -1
ssl_verify_result: 0
redirect_count: 0
total_time: 0
namelookup_time: 0.107529
connect_time: 0.107721
pretransfer_time: 0
size_upload: 0
size_download: 0
speed_download: 0
speed_upload: 0
download_content_length: 0
upload_content_length: 0
starttransfer_time: 0
redirect_time: 0

Now if i make https:// http:// in the script all i get is

Script end ...

Now i can verify from phpinfo that curl is working in php. Must it have SSL to work?

And how can i revert back to SSL. The above instructions do not work.

falko 1st January 2008 16:48

Take a look here:

Rockdrala 2nd January 2008 12:47

I have verified this works for http.
I have verified this works for reverting to http.
I have also verified this does not work for reverting to https://

Theres something being missed. I need to see a ssl config to verify whats missing. maybe ill throw together another box soon to find out.

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