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lewis_saint 22nd December 2007 19:36

Reject/Discard Spam Question
Under what circumstances is inbound spam rejected upon being sent (and notifying the sender) as opposed to being received then later discarded (after being processed and marked as spam)?

If this is unclear, please let me know.



falko 23rd December 2007 18:18

ISPConfig's SpamAssassin is invoked by procmail, i.e., the mails are received by Postfix and then passed on to procmail which then calls SpamAssassin. If you want to block mail at the MTA level, take a look here:

lewis_saint 24th December 2007 19:40

Thank you falko as always. Is it possible for Postfix to hold-off accepting the e-mail until it gets an 'ok' from SpamAssassin? It only takes a split-second to scan for spam anyhow, doesn't it?



falko 25th December 2007 18:28

I think you're looking for something like amavisd:

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