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Lvcoyote 8th December 2007 04:08

VMware Question
Hi !!,

My computer has two hard drives, one houses Ubuntu 7.10, and the other XP SP2. How would I go about using VMware to use WindowsXP while booted in to Ubuntu?. I've read up on how to install VMware, but I dont want to do so if I cant use it to access my XP install on the other hard drive.

Thanks in advance!

falko 8th December 2007 14:39

I don't think this is possible.

Lvcoyote 8th December 2007 20:19

Ok, I loaded a copy of XP inside VMware and it went off without a hitch..... I seem to have everything working. I only have one more problem I'd like to resolve. While using WindowsXP inside the VMserver as the guest OS, it will not let me do the windows updates. I get to the windows update site and it appears to be searching for the appropriate updats, then finally I get a screeen saying that windows update can not display the requested page....

Any ideas on this???

falko 9th December 2007 15:18

Did you register your Windows VM with MS?

Lvcoyote 9th December 2007 18:52

Yes its registered. I got it fixed by changing the network settings to share the same connection as the host.

varnik 20th December 2007 13:00


you can also set up your virtual machine to use the entire physical disk instead of virtual one.

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