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bambo 24th December 2005 19:12

postfix with horde - address book feature
Hey everyone,

I have a running postfix with horde for webmail. I'd like to activate the address book feature in horde.

I looked through horde's website and found that I need to change the the configuration in horde.php3 to the following:

user_use_addressbook = false ---> true

problem is I can't seem to find horde.php3 file nor any other file containing this variable (search with fgrep for a "user_use_addressbook" string in all files)

any ideas ?

Thanks in advance!

falko 25th December 2005 15:06

You can run

locate horde.php3

to find that file.

bambo 25th December 2005 21:00

still can't locate this file
thanks for the tip, I've tried that but got nothing as an answer. any ideas how to add the address book in another way?

falko 26th December 2005 15:34

Maybe the name of the file has changed (e.g. to horde.php). Try

locate horde.php

bambo 26th December 2005 21:17

thanks but it doesn't work
still couldn't find it. do you know another way to enable the address book feature?

falko 27th December 2005 15:19

I'm not very familiar with Horde. Maybe they have a forum or mailing list where you can ask for help?:)

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