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Nez 5th December 2007 20:20

Little problem with user dirs
Hi all,

Let me start by making compliments about the great support pages there are to be found for the ISPConfig project. I had my (Ubuntu 7.10) server up and running with ISPConfig within a couple of hours.

Everything went well and i really like the sense and simplicity of this project.

There is however one little problem i cant seem to figure out... I created a client and gave this client 2 domain names with a hosting package. This all works well, the domains resolve to the right placeholder (the: This is the standard index of your website. thingy) and users webmail and so forth works like a charm.
Here comes the problem: When i log in to the control panel as the user i made, and i connect via the web-ftp tool and i remove the standard index.html file in the webdir and then replace it with one of my own... it wont update the users website... it keeps showing the standard index.html

So i logged in via ssh and pointed to /var/www and followed the www.fictionalsite -> /var/www/web11
It seems ISPConfig is creating two web dirs for a user, and the one i was able to log into with ftp isnt the right one...

Anyone familiar with this problem...??
please help me out here :)

kind regards,


till 5th December 2007 22:40

Please make sure that you enabled the administrator checkbox for the user that you used to login with ftp.

Nez 5th December 2007 23:21

Your the best ;)

cant believe i couldn't figure that one out myself.
Thank you very much!

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