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akaiser 5th December 2007 14:49

ISPConfig on dual Apache on different IPs

Until today I've been using ISPConfig with Apache 1.3/PHP4. Because of the need of PHP5 I've installed Apache2/PHP5 (now for testing on a different port).

I have different options to use Apache/PHP on different IPS.

First option use Apache2 in dual configuration PHP4/PHP5 based on different IPS. Original tutorial here:

Other option would be use Apache 1.3/PHP4 on one address and Apache2/PHP5 in another address. I'm a newbie so I'm not sure if this can be made...

Because I'm using ISPConfig perhaps best option would be the Apache2/PHP4/PHP5 configuration, so ISPConfig can change vitualhost in Apache2.

But is it possible to use two IPS in ISPConfig, would it work with my ideas?

Any comments would be helpful & thanks in advance.

PS: Also PHP as CGI is not a option because some of the scripts using PHP4 doesn't work in CGI mode.

till 6th December 2007 10:26

ISPConfig does not support a setup with 2 apache servers, as it writes just one vhost file for all vhosts. You can have as many IP's for the vhosts as you entered under administration > server > settings in ISPConfig.

akaiser 7th December 2007 15:54

Thanks Till!

I will try the dual configuration in Apache2 following the tutorial I refer to... and configure ISPConfig with the different IPs.

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