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yurtboy1 1st December 2007 14:24

LDAP and ISPConfig
If I setup LDAP on my server is there any way to integrate it into ispconfig?
So that make users once?
Or other options that I am not considering?
Either way I think LDAP is key for integrating products ie Drupal, Knoledgetree etc and would like to make it fit in as well as I can with ISPConfig?

till 2nd December 2007 13:25

You can not integrate ldap into ispconfig without changing a lot of sourcecode.

LDAP is sold as the solution for integrationg products but it is horrible to setup.

yurtboy1 2nd December 2007 14:03

It seems to pull a lot of things together.

till 2nd December 2007 14:18

I know several others as well. But this does not make ldap any better to setup or handle and the ISPConfig setup is a bit more complicated then these applications as they do have to care just for their own setup and do not have to configure many third party applications. You may integrate LDAP in ISPConfig if you like it but I dont have the time to do this.

yurtboy1 2nd December 2007 16:45

Seems they can work together without true integration.

TrioTorus 19th December 2007 12:47

So, how did you make them to work together? Did you have to write a script for syncing between ispconfig and openldap?

yurtboy1 19th December 2007 14:25

Sorry I meant could work ?
Really have not had time yet, but I think LDAP is on my list of things to do for 2008. Can work nice with CiviCRM

TrioTorus 19th December 2007 19:13

Thanks for that tip. I'll look into it, because civicrm's homepage seems down at the moment. Any other open source control panels that offer OpenLDAP integration?

yurtboy1 27th December 2007 13:51

have not looked much yet so no
but webmin always has options.

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