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MisterVlad 19th November 2007 08:38

Custom php.ini
Ok, I have searched, and searched, and cannot find a good way to set up custom php.ini files.

Mostly, what I need, is for uploaded files and stuff to be under the users UID and GID when done though html file uploads.

How can I do this? I am seriously at a brain malfunction right now... and it is 140am on sunday night/monday morning....



sjau 19th November 2007 09:53

use suPHP - that will make make user uploaded files to their according UID and GID

MisterVlad 19th November 2007 15:12

Right now, say the uid is 2004, and the gid is 2001, the uploaded files are coming up as 33/33 (www-data) which is what php is set to run at.

How do i use suPHP? is there a special install for this on Debian Etch 4.0? Could you please be a little more elaborate, and maybe point me in the right direction? (5 hours of sleep is not enough to function on :confused: )


MisterVlad 19th November 2007 15:22

Maybe I should use ISPconfig? it seems as if everyone is using it... if I do that, maybe I should reinstall my webserver...

I guess I will read all the bennifits of ISPconfig, as I will be hosting multiple websites, and dont want to be able to have everyone have access to everyone elses stuff...

sjau 20th November 2007 09:16

I have never used suPHP so far... so I can't help you there... I just know suPHP will do that.

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