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howser 19th December 2005 23:50

Hi everyone,
Is there a way to CHROOT the users who come in via SSH so that they cannot see the files of other users? I'd like to grant them SSH access but I can't do that if they are able to see other users files and directories. Any help would be appreciated.

Take care,


falko 20th December 2005 00:52

You have to patch your SSH daemon; the "normal" OpenSSH daemon does not have the ability to chroot users.

Have a look at these pages:

howser 20th December 2005 18:24

Thanks Falko -- I've looked through those examples, since I'm running Ubuntu I have to make sure that everything is cool and it's cool to do it over SSH. Anyone out there done this using Ubuntu or Debian?


Ovidiu 20th December 2005 18:48

if I remember correct when I once tried to use the bastille package one of the questions I was asked was if my users should see other users files and if answered with yes it might have the same effect desired here?

I am not 100% sure, its just a dim memory, maybe you give it a try..

howser 20th December 2005 21:51

Interesting, I installed it and checked the ISPConfig interface, no options to do that. It seems like this would be a good default configuration for a hosting app though right? Why would you ever want your users to see each other? Anyway, I'll keep digging. Feel free to chime in.

till 20th December 2005 23:41

Thats not the question of ISPConfig settings. The problem is that there is no Linux distribution that supports chrooted SSH out of the box.

howser 22nd December 2005 17:55

Agreed, I guess I should be clearer, it would be cool to add that to the ISPConfig/Perfect Setup that I've seen posted on the web. Seems like most people who use ISPConfig would want that functionality out of the box.

falko 22nd December 2005 18:24

I'll see what I can do... :)

danf.1979 24th December 2005 11:25

Any updates from you guys?
I'm going to try chrooting users, and I'll be posting my google findings in here

danf.1979 24th December 2005 11:46

Have you checked this link?

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